1. Do not ask, beg or demand for passwords, codes, or gifts. I only give out gifts when I feel like it.

2. Do not ask for/give out any personal information.

3. Do not disrespect me or any of my workers.

4. No scamming, spamming or lying.

5. Follow all instructions me and/or my staff give you.

6. No cyber-bullying, Cyber-stalking and harassing.

7. No abusing anything on mine or my staffs websites.

8. Don’t ask or beg me to make a post about you just because I know you. Yes I might think you are a good person but I don’t have a ton of time on my hands

9. Do not ask, beg, or demand for a job here. The only way you will get a job is if there is a post (Such as; that gives you the form.

Staying Connected Rules:

1. Please do no expect me to chat with you on Facebook or gmail.

2. I am not very active on Bearville Insider, so please do not expect fast replies from me.

3.  On any of the staying connected sites please follow all of my blog rules, if you break these rules on any staying connected sites you will be punished as if it was my blog.

Staff rules:

1. Follow all of the rules for my blog. Just because your staff, doesn’t mean you get excused for any improper behavior.

2. Please no making posts that have no specific purpose.

3. You may not, use anyones else’s photos, writing, or any media without their permission AND credit, if I find that you have taken anything without permission and credit to the rightful owner you will be fired and banned without further notice.

4. All staff must post 2+ times a week without being excused by me with reason.


1. Warning (You will be told never to do that again.)

2. You will get a 24 hour ban (You will not be able to comment or participate in any events.)

3. You will get a temporary ban. (You will not be able to participate in any events or comment until further notice. NOTE: If you try to comment or come to parties you will get another week added to your ban.)

4. You will be banned for two weeks.

5. Permanent Ban


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