How to increase your stats

Many people wonder how to get yours stats on your blog up. Well here I’m going to show you!

Hope these help you! This is what got my stats up, and I hope it gets yours up too! Who knows, maybe one day your blog will be really well known!


20 thoughts on “How to increase your stats

  1. Ok, well… I can’t really put pictures up that are screenshots. My mom and dad don’t let me because it will ‘harm the computer’. I have put out a post asking for people to work on my blog. You might, Summer. You said you are thinking about it. I asked Mary. She hasn’t answered yet. And a person that comments a lot on Mary’s new blog wants to help. So, I guess that’s a good start. And the closest thing to screenshots that I have are pictures that I copy off on google or other people’s blogs. Can you help me, Summer???


    • Dude, screen shots won’t harm your computer -____- smh… it’s damn pixels on a screen. Tell your parents it won’t do anything. I seriously don’t know why pictures will “harm your computer”, like really? Besides it’s more risky to download pictures off random sites you don’t know on the web anyway than to just make your own.

  2. Hey, Summer? Yeah, at the top of the page I asked you to help me… Can you????????


  3. @mai: wow! that wasn’t too long ago when you were welcomed to this site….then u got a job here! 😀 btw: u r an awesome blogger.
    (a lot of people r though.) lol

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