Here are some commonly asked questions.

Why are you ignoring me?

A: Well I’m probably blogging or away from the computer. Am I in my house? Sitting down? Well if so Yes I’m probably blogging.

Will you add me?

A: Of course! Just comment me and tell me your username and then send me a bearmail. (I don’t accept random friend requests unless I know who you are!

Can I work here?

A: No, not if you ask like that. 🙂 You must send me an application like everybody else please.

Will you read my blog?

A: Sure I will! I love reading new blogs and watching them improve over time!

Can I have bearbills, gifts ect.?

A: No, That is a violation of  rule 1.

Will you come to my chatbox?

A: Sorry, but no.  I don’t think chatboxes are safe (For me) and I will not use them under any circumstance.

Will you come to my party?

A: Depends when it is. You see, I am a very busy person with cheerleading, twirling, ect. And can’t make it to the computer somedays.

Get on buildabear. (Not really a question but still)

A: Probably not. Anytime I am at the computer I  am on Buildabear.

Then how are you commenting?

A: I get text messages everytime I get an email, and I get an email everytime there is a comment. And I have an iPod touch with internet, so I grab my iPod and normally comment back.

Oh okay, I see. Can I have your iPod?

A: What a silly question! Thats a no brainer. NO!!!!!! xD

Well I hope I answered all questions. 🙂


12 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. okay thanks and one other question how do you change your picture for your account that you make for your blog thingy?

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