Events page

Welcome to the events page.

June Events:

Thank you Stacey for this amazing calendar:D

Birthdays in June:


(Comment to have your birthday added)

To all staff: Please notify me if you would like an event added. 😉

44 thoughts on “Events page

  1. CRAP!!!! D: D: D: D: D: I thought the 3rd was tomorrow! Where has the week gone! I am so sorry, I will make it up to you!!! I promise!!! D: I feel like a horrible friend! 😦 Honestly I was planning on making it really special! Garwsh, Please forigive me!

  2. could you add smiley and i’s spirit week?
    and btw it’s no biggie that you forgot or didn’t know.

  3. sorry every1!!! i totally forgot about spirit week. i also haven’t been posting. 😥 i have just been busy because i am always doing homework. i mean i always get A’s in school and i don’t want to get bad grades so i hope you all understand that i won’t always have time to post 😥

    ☽☠Happy October!☠☽


    btw- check out this site for cool pictures!

    Can i work on this blog plzz?? Or i’ll have to wait?? o3o
    Any1 visits my blog my stats are.. 0 and plzz You don’t want to if u don’t want to…
    just to tell u I know how to take pics T_T but u’ll not hire meh T_T >U< –sight–

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