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11 thoughts on “Chat!

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    What are everyone’s plans for spring break? Hmm, lets see. My plans are staying home catching up on school. I am homeschooled and the move got me behind, but at this point I might be able to get caught up by June! XDD

  2. Hey summer,i just wanted to tell you that i won’t be on the computer alot because i have to focuse more on school and my internet is not working,i hope you understand thanks so much JOY 🙂

  3. Well so far I’ve took a family trip with my mom, dad, little sister, my three cousins , and my aunt and uncle. We went there for [I think] for about four days. The whole point to go was because my cousin Kaitlyn is in a choir group with her school and they got to sing God Bless America at a Cardinals game. (And it was on Father’s Day too). I’ve pretty much gone swimming every two weeks. But it really sucks because it’s like 100 degrees here D:
    Btw what’s Holiday World? 🙂

  4. My church has lots of locations all around the country and they are having a youth conference that starts TOMORROW! And only 200 highschoolers can go from all the locations, and I was asked to go(: So I have to say I’m in 9th grade xD

  5. holiday world is a theme park in Santa Clause Indiana. it is totally awesome!!!! but i didnt get to go this summer cuz we kept thinking we were gonna move but we never did 😦 we r planning om moving after 2nd semester is over

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