Howdy!It has been forever hasn’t it??Yes it has! I will be updating soon because I need to do more. School starts for me on the 6th 🙂

~Joycolorful19 😛


A Few Notes

Alright, I have a few notices.

First, I would like to remind EVERYONE to join my raffle by clicking HERE and commenting what number you want. The prize is 5000 (five thousand) BearBills!

Second, I really try to post ASAP, but that isn’t always possible. I speak for every blogger in the entire world. Every once in a while someone on Sparkly Bearville Help posts something before Bearville Insider even has it up. It is all about timing and I can’t ALWAYS be on time. LOL!

Lastly, you may or may not know tht I have an e-mail address specifically for Build-A-Bearville. Pleaae feel free to e-mail me. I will try to reply to them ASAP. My e-mail address is:


My Build-a-Bearville Raffle

This is just a reminder to join my raffle! Sorry this is so short. I am doing this from my iPod. Thanks everyone! BTW: I have some pics of a new quest that I will be posting either tomorrow or Tuesday. I hope no one posts it before me. I just made the pictures but it won’t let me upload them from my iPod. I will talk to you guys later! Thanks for your time.


Banned not anymore!

On bearville they now unbanned every banned account!If your account was banned you can log back on and all your stuff will be on there 🙂     it is a glitch don’t do it!