New Quest

There is a new quest and it has to do with the all new Dairy Queen Blizzard Bears and Camp Happy Heart 2011.  You have to find 5 water items.  Go to the Entrance, or any other place in Build-a-Bearville where there is a Blizzard Bear, to start the quest.  Highlight above each picture for the answers to the places.

1. Pawlette Coufur Boutique

2. Bearville Outfitters (1st Floor)

3. Sunshine Shores

4. Sportsplex (Outside)

5. Skate Park

When you finish the quest, you get this:

NOTE (please read):  This prize works exactly like the slide that you can buy from Bearville Outfitters for 2 credits, and if you sell it, it is worth 2000 BearBills.  This slide however is only worth 50 when you sell it.  If you already have a slide like this from Bearville Outfitters, I suggest selling it, to get 2000 BearBills because this slide is EXACTLY like the other one besides the price.  I only suggest selling the one you have bought for 2 credits from Bearville Outfitters if you are low on BearBills.

ANOTHER NOTE (please read):  If you join my Bearville Raffle, you could win 5000 BearBills!  If you are low on BearBills, this is a good way to boost your BearBills.  My Raffle ends on July 1st.  I will draw names on July 2nd.  Have fun!



Build-a-Bearville Raffle

Hey everyone!  This month, I am creating a Build-a-Bearville Raffle!  It will be so much fun!  So just pick a number between 1 and 20 and comment what number you want.  I will put your name by the number you want below.  The winning number will get 5000 (five thousand) Bear Bills from me! 🙂  I think this is a great idea!  It is FREE to enter.  Here are the numbers and names.





















P.S. If your name isn’t on here but you would like for it to be, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know!!!! 🙂  Like 3 people have asked for number 11, and I just added the first person that wanted it.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Free Code!

I got an e-mail from Build-a-Bearville and they gave me a free code for an inground pool!!  Best of all, it is interactive and you can jump off the diving board and swim.

Here’s the code if you didn’t get the e-mail: 8BN7-7H55-HQR7


Sorry, the above code has already been used! 😦  I messed up.  Sorry again.

Happy Memorial Day!:D

Happy Memorial Day!

Visit Bearemy in town square for a trumpet.:)

And I have to apologize for my absence.

I am so super sorry for being gone so long.:/

Life is going way too fast right now and I feel like I have wasted so much time on the computer to help you guys out. I promise I will get back to blogging on a normal basis.

I love blogging for you guys and I miss doing it so much. I wish I could keep up better.

I feel like I have let you guys down. I promise to keep posting more even if its not about Bearville.

Don’t worry, I will still post Bearville updates, I will just post about life if Bearville hasn’t updated. That okay with you guys?

We got the beat:D

You are invited to Bearville Prom 2011! The theme is We got the beat(80’s theme if you didn’t understand:P)

It will start at 5:00pm Eastern Standard time.
Activities will include dancing, live music, guess that song, freeze dance, and lots more!

There will be a prom King and Queen, so make sure to mention you want to be King/Queen and I will enter you into the poll.

And just for coming you will be entered into a contest for the best outfit!
Everyone will get a door prize. One per person, just bearmail “Neon” to me after the party and I’ll send one to you as soon as I can!

Hope to see you all there!

Happy Arbor Day!:D

In honor of Arbor day, Bearville is giving out free apple seeds at Friendship Forest Park!

Apples!!!! *bites into one* Mmm… Gross a seed! Haha, anyways.

Also, check out the new Bearville times

And also, Cinco de Mayo is coming up soon.(5th of May for those of you who don’t understand it :P) But its the EXACT same things as last year, and I have all of them… -___-