New Quest

There is a new quest and it has to do with the all new Dairy Queen Blizzard Bears and Camp Happy Heart 2011.  You have to find 5 water items.  Go to the Entrance, or any other place in Build-a-Bearville where there is a Blizzard Bear, to start the quest.  Highlight above each picture for the answers to the places.

1. Pawlette Coufur Boutique

2. Bearville Outfitters (1st Floor)

3. Sunshine Shores

4. Sportsplex (Outside)

5. Skate Park

When you finish the quest, you get this:

NOTE (please read):  This prize works exactly like the slide that you can buy from Bearville Outfitters for 2 credits, and if you sell it, it is worth 2000 BearBills.  This slide however is only worth 50 when you sell it.  If you already have a slide like this from Bearville Outfitters, I suggest selling it, to get 2000 BearBills because this slide is EXACTLY like the other one besides the price.  I only suggest selling the one you have bought for 2 credits from Bearville Outfitters if you are low on BearBills.

ANOTHER NOTE (please read):  If you join my Bearville Raffle, you could win 5000 BearBills!  If you are low on BearBills, this is a good way to boost your BearBills.  My Raffle ends on July 1st.  I will draw names on July 2nd.  Have fun!



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