Happy Memorial Day!:D

Happy Memorial Day!

Visit Bearemy in town square for a trumpet.:)

And I have to apologize for my absence.

I am so super sorry for being gone so long.:/

Life is going way too fast right now and I feel like I have wasted so much time on the computer to help you guys out. I promise I will get back to blogging on a normal basis.

I love blogging for you guys and I miss doing it so much. I wish I could keep up better.

I feel like I have let you guys down. I promise to keep posting more even if its not about Bearville.

Don’t worry, I will still post Bearville updates, I will just post about life if Bearville hasn’t updated. That okay with you guys?


We got the beat:D

You are invited to Bearville Prom 2011! The theme is We got the beat(80’s theme if you didn’t understand:P)

It will start at 5:00pm Eastern Standard time.
Activities will include dancing, live music, guess that song, freeze dance, and lots more!

There will be a prom King and Queen, so make sure to mention you want to be King/Queen and I will enter you into the poll.

And just for coming you will be entered into a contest for the best outfit!
Everyone will get a door prize. One per person, just bearmail “Neon” to me after the party and I’ll send one to you as soon as I can!

Hope to see you all there!

Virtual Bear Review:)

Mkay, so I decided to do a review for the Virtual Bears that came out yesterday.

If you don’t know what they are, you soon will. :3

They are furry friends you can order online that you can customize.

They are 5 dollars, so those who don’t have much money can buy them.

They are only online, no stuffed teddy bear.

They are absolutely adorable:D

I bought one, and it takes a while to get the email in with the code. It kind of irritated me because they normally send them right away.

But I love the different designs and patterns you can give it.  Its like there are no two bears exactly alike.

You can customize the colors.:P

So overall, I think the idea is great, the look is cute, and I love them.

Tell me what you think of them in the comments bar!