AbbieBright! Yes!

AbbieBright is back in town with some awesome stuff! But you better hurry and see her before she is gone!

I would recommend getting 3 chances, because once you use them you can’t buy any more! But it is so much fun!





Yes. I am back with limited posts until I get my computer back! I should have it in about a week and a half :3


So has anyone realized this?

(Look in the top left corner)


Ehh… No signature on this computer, and all I have is msPaint on this computer XD


St. Patricks Day Poll



Thank you everyone who voted for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love you all.  I am so sorry that I haven’t been posting Summer.  I will try to post more even now before I get out of school, but I can’t promise once a week…yet.  Maybe once every two weeks?  I don’t know, but I love you all!!!!

BTW:  I have some new polls.  Just for fun!

Hope you like them!  They aren’t Buildabearville related but I just thought of them.


Hey, Summer here with some icky news 😛

My computer somehow froze up and won’t start. So therefore I have no way to get you the latest Bearville updates. Blehhh. My computer should be fixed soon, but until then you will get to read my awesome staffs posting. So yep!

I will not be out of touch, I will have my iPod touch as backup to check the site, comment and I will stay in touch with everyone for the next week or so(Just whenever we can fix it? :P)


And the results are in!

And the results for the new Vice President are in!

We have a tie for 3rd place between Juliane, Joy, and Jasmin with 1 vote.

In second place we have Mai with 3 votes.

And in first place we have the new Vice President, Stacey! 😀

Stacey was the VP, but I kinda let that lag.


Notice: Everyone is expected to make at least 1 post a week unless otherwise excused by me with reason.