New Bearville times! :3 Finally xD

Don’t freak about being late, Buildabearville has the wrong dates! XD

Beginning March 1st there is a new Buildabearville! Ch-yeah baby! XD

You do not want to miss this one! 🙂


A super fun day with Summer and Jasmin!

Who am I? Well I am the one and only JulianeBubbles! If you don’t know me, I used to have an old blog named “Bubbulous BABV Help” but I closed it down :/ Luckily, I am back and I opened up “Hyper Bearville Rave”! Summer was one of my old staff members and is a great an amazing bearville buddy 🙂 I started blogging ever since June 28, 2008 which was my 12th birthday XD I have a longing obsession of Build a Bearville and I will never stop loving it! My favorite colors are orange, purple, and lime green. I hope to see you all later!

Today, we were bored so we thought to have a little Build a Bearville hang out day! We first started with a sleepover at Jasmin’s House 🙂

After that we swimmed at the Marina. The water was cold!

What can be more lovely than to ride on a boat and watch the dolphins swim by you? ^-^ Jasmin is just standing XD

Yup… just chillin at the zoo :3

Got a quarter? We might need it to drive our little cars to outerspace XD

At the Art Studio, Summer feels creative and makes a card :3

Last, to top it off with a cherry, we went to the Ice Cream shop 😛

That was our very awesome and fantastic beary pawsome and furtastic day! 😀