Wait what?

Hey guys! Guess what! Its been 1 yEaR sInCe SpArKlY bEaRvIlLe HeLp StArTeD! 🙂 One year and plenty more to go! 🙂 Thank you all my new viewers, and all my viewers since the beginning. I have more than achieved my goals since I started out. And my amazing staff has gone above and beyond! Thank you guys! Here since January 5 2010, until who knows when? Comment! Tell me your favorite memories. I can’t pick a favorite, you guys have given me so many memories I can’t explain how grateful I am!



Bearville times :)

Bearville times. Yayyyy! 😛

And groundhog day is soon! Lol Anyone know what day it is?

And my favorite part!!!!!!!


Valentines day dance!!!!! Who wants to go with me? Lol Comment and tell me and we’ll work it out.

Last year I went with Annie, Gabriella, and Hope and we had a ton of fun(: So yeah if you want to come with me then comment and we’ll work something out.

And Alyson is…

Anyone who is an old viewer on this blog knows who I am talking about.  And yes, its true. Alyson is back!!! 🙂  I just can’t stay away, I miss it too much! 🙂

For those new viewers, let me catch you up here; Alyson is an old series of mine, (For more info check it out here).

Signs up are back open! We will start from the beginning of season 2. Where I left off.

Parts open:

Lucas: Hannah and Alyson’s guy friend who is really cool and kind of cute.

Chloe: Alyson’s little sister.

Hope: The friend Alyson meets in Montana.


Taken Parts:

Alyson: SummerSparkle255


So? What are you waiting for? Sign up today! 🙂