Sparkly Bearville Help is now hiring! Woot woot

Want a job on Sparkly Bearville Help? Well then what are you waiting for? Come on!



Tell me your Build-a-Bearville name.

Why you want to work here and why you think you would be a good person for this job (Minimum 3 sentences ).

Please also include a Photo Booth picture of you on Build a Bearville. (any pose, plain background, no bears, and no name please)

Tell me some skills you have on the computer.

How will you help keep my blog up to date, controlled and fun(Minimum 3 sentences ).
Include your blog address (optional).

Out of the following, please choose at least one.

[a] I can make headers and/or signatures.

[b] I can make videos or slideshows.
[c] I can edit photos.

[d] I can draw photos.

[e] Other

I will only hire people who:

[a] Has experience on website/blog making

[b] Comments on my blog weekly

[c] Knows how to take screenshots on their computer and how to upload it into posts.

[d].Have been in Build a Bearville for at least 3 months.

[e] Has an e-mail account to keep in contact.

[f] .Knows how to make posts on wordpress and how to add pictures on a post.

Please send your application so from the same address as your wordpress account.