Winter Wonderland

Go to the North Pole to get this!

Everything is sooooo…………

The loading game is winter-ish!

The North Pole has a Map! COOL BEANS!!!!!

New move at the North Pole

????MYSTERY DOOR???? (hint hint: it take you to the Plaza)

No Prize! Sorry!

New Ride (I have seen TRILLIONS of Bearville citizens with it!)

New Siggy!!!!!


Its beginning to look alot like Christmas, Everywhere you go! *Late post*


Well if your up for going to the fair in this c-c-c-c-collllllllldddddd weather then its open,

But look!!! ITS CUTE!!!!


Haha I’m a little hyper today, So enjoy exploring Build a Bearville to see what else is new! :))

Whats new?

New Bearville times!

And maybe you need a pumpkin to sit on while reading it? (Why would we sit on pumpkins?!?! 0.O) Well if you do, check out the new Paws Fur Nature!

And maybe to go with that pumpkin you might need some Thanksgiving decorations?

Well I’m back! 😀


Well I just got news that the moving truck is coming a day early. So since Stacey has to focus on school, and I won’t have internet for a week and a half, I am not sure what to do!


I have asked Milagros if she is interested in substituting to help out Mai, but I haven’t gotten a response yet.


Really at this point its either Mila, or just Mai working. I feel horrible leaving my entire blog to Mai, but there is no way whats so ever I can get to a computer starting tomorrow(Tuesday). Gosh this is all really stressful for me because I can’t leave my blog abandon for a week, but at the same time I don’t want to leave Mai reliable for my blog. It just wouldn’t be fair.


I really hope you all understand, 🙂