Costume Contest!

Contest: All you need to do is send me a pic of you or your friends in your costumes ( decorate if you want for extra points ). P.S if you dont wanna show your face cover it.

Send to:

Where: You can take a pic anywhere! at home with all your candy, or in front of a house.

When do i turn it in?: You can turn the picture in before November 6.

How to win: You can win by having a unique costume, unique picture the picture can be decorated using those picture decorating websites.

Prize: 1000 BB and a hand drawn picture of you or your pic (anime style?)



I am so sorry! I feel like I am abandoning my blog. I’ve just been so super busy with school and moving and all… Gawrsh I say this every time!!!!! So I will see all of you tomorrow (I hope!!!)! And yes, I’m only online for a couple minutes a day lately because we are moving in 2 weeks. After that I should be online more often. I hope you all forgive me.