Prizes from the carnival

Here are the prizes you get when you complete each collection from the carnival.

 These signatures are in the lead!  Hurry up and pick your favorite one on the poll from the other post.  I will choose the winning signature tomorrow, and I will make a post about it.


Back to school bash!!!

Well as we all know school is coming up around the corner, so I have decided to put some fun into the school year!

What: Back to school bash.

When: Sunday September 5th. At 4-7 pm (EST)

Where: Pawforming arts center, Pawvillion USA.

What to wear: Party clothes! 😀

We will be giving out cotton candy, ice cream treats, and door prizes. Activities include, back to school fashion show (So stock up on school clothes! XD), freeze dance, and more!

Hope to see you there!

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Summer (New  siggy coming soon)


Hi everyone!  Stacey here!  This signature is for Mai.  I hope you like it!  When you are inserting it into a post instead of the default size setting which is medium, you must select the largest one.

I made a few more signatures for myself and I want to know what you think.  The one that wins will be the signature that I use for the next few posts I do.