Zoo Keeper

I was just playing on BABV, when I noticed that there are ranks for the Zoo Keeper.


Alyson Trailer;

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You exited? (Annie is the Hannah back up. Since the Hannah character doesn’t have a bear and can only be on, on weekends!) I know I’m SUPER-DUPER exited!!! xD We still need Chloe and Lucas!!

Achievement Party!

I checked my stats today and they  have gone up more than a hundred since YESTERDAY! I’m so exited! They are almost at 200! Well to start  off this post, I would like to thank all my viewers who have supported me since the beginning, and my new viewers. And also I would like to thank JulianeBubbles for inspiring me to start a blog! And also all my friends who told me to keep it going after I though about quitting!

And Second… ITS PARTY TIME!!!

When: Saturday June 5th @ 12:00 Eastern time.

Where: Pawforming arts center. Teddy Tropics America.

Activities: Dancing, Games such as freeze dance and I have never, and speeches.

Please come and Celebearate with me!!!

Hope to see you there!


JaneNice12, you and banned for 48 hours for being inappropriate and lying! You can be back on Tuesday at 2:00 PM. I do hope you don’t act like this again, as I do hate banning people, but sometimes it is necessary. Being banned means you cannot participate in any events or comment. You will not get to participate in the show. Next time you get banned its forever.


“Alyson” sign up’s!


Hey guys. I will be having a new BABV series called Alyson. Its about a girl who’s dad is rich and famous, and she gets whatever she wants, but she is never really happy. Her mom is always away, her dad is always at work and she has hardly any friends.

Parts open:

Lucas: Hannah and Alyson’s guy friend who is really cool and kind of cute.

Chloe: Alyson’s little sister.


Taken parts:

Alyson: SummerSparkle255

Hannah: KristyAwesome77/ AnnieChocolate13




Just tell me who you would like to be and why. Don’t be upset if you don’t get a part, I will add lots more people as I go along!

JulianeBubbles’ “Jazzy Swing Dance” Review

This morning was JulianeBubbles’ Jazzy Swing Dance. We all had a ton of fun! Here are some pictures to show you kind of what we did! xD

Juliane presenting her poem, titled "My bunnies". You go Jul!

Playing Freeze dance!

After the Furry Friend fashion show, we all decided to go to the zoo!

People congratulating me after my poem.

We all had an amazing time! Can’t wait until the net party.