What: Annie’s Surprise Birthday party!!!
Where: Star den America. Neighborhood
What to wear: Party clothes!!!!!!!!! lol!
What to bring: Party clothes, PJ’s, Swimsuit, and (optional) presents.
When: This Saturday (May 1st) @ 3:00 PM EST.
Details: We will meet in the neighborhood at 3:00 PM then we will all go to my house and dance for 5 minutes! Then we will meet up at the Skate Park Square to swim, for 5 minutes! Then we go to the secret coffee shop, to hang out, sing Happy brithday, give Annie presents, and play lots of games such as, Freeze dance, I have never, and much much more! and I will treat everyone to cake, and milkshakes!
EVERYONE!!! Please join us in celebearating Annie’s birthday! I really hope you can come!!! This will be a beary special event!
Btw Annie, I hope this is a good time! And I hope you don’t mind I put this up! If I need to take this off and cancel it PLEASE comment below! lol!