Hey guys!

I am back in town! Yay! lol

So I haven’t seen anything new in buildabearville so there is not much to post about! I am doing cheerleading stuff on buildabearville I’m the captain and one of my friends is co-captain! lol yup

Well she needs me so ttyl!

Love you guys,



Hey guys wattup?

lol! Hey guys! How are yooou? I’m feeling a little random today! Last night I met Joyce she is so awesome! And then today I hung out with Frankie lol and we were playing around yelling there is a ghost then we saw the dragon at the map and I was freaking out lol!!!!  lol guys I have to go to twirling soon and then tomorrow I will most likely be out because we are leaving town!

Don’t forget tomorrow Buildabearville will be closed for maintenance! I can’t wait to see what cool new stuff the people at buildabear are doing now! :) Oh and my parents will probably take me to buildabear workshop for my birthday in august so lol can’t wait! My birthday is August 5th so yeah! Can’t wait lol!

Oh sorry guys I gotta go!! TTYL

Love you guys,

( *.*) Summer
x( (“)(“)

Pawsome Party~

I went to go say hi to Mila and guess who I saw!!!!!! GUESS!!! Fine I will tell you! Lindafriendly – Applause- And also, Maxinebearylucky the BABV character  of Maxine Clark lol


I’m sick… I think, lol I am not feeling well so me and my dad are watching church online! Updates, Well I didn’t get the job on Julianes Blog I’m a little bummed but I didn’t get my hopes up to high! Two of my friends made it though! Joyce made it and Melissa made it! yay! congratz guys!

Oh Sorry I gtg eat breakfast!

Love you guys,

Summer @(*.*)@


I’m so sorry guys! My great grandpa died and I was out of town and had no computer! Then I went to a slumber party and had soo much fun!

I will be having a walk for US Veterans, I decided this when I was at the funeral of my great grandpa who was a US veteran and I realized how many people are saved by these men and women who risk their lives for us!

  • When: Thursday April 1st 7:00 PM Central time
  • Where: Cub Cottage USA Town square
  • What to wear: Red, white and/or blue.

Hope you guys can come!

Love you guys,

Summer 😀