Mila and Annie

Ok so Milagrossofurbulous was online and she is Annie’s favorite blogger so I told Annie for follow me and dress nice! And when she got there Mila was standing there for her to meet! Annie was so happy!



Best friends through thick and thin :D

Here is a post that tells how me and Annie met from our different views:


Well I remember that she was acting like she was owner of the coffee shop and then had to go! And then she told me I could “Own” the place so I played along. And then one day none of my friends were online besides her so I asked her to just go and hang out! And idk how it happened but slowly our friendship got stronger and stronger and now we are best friends!


This is the way I met Summer. I was at the coffee shop and pretending to be the owner, and Summer started helping me out (at the time she was using an old account) and then she asked to be my friend, then I gave her ownership to the coffee shop. Are friendship got even better when she told me about Jaredadventures site, and were almost on his show together. Then we became BFF’S!

Annie is my best friend in babv!


I will be on vacation this weekend and busy until then and then possibly gone for who knows how long (grandpa in the hospital) So Gab and Annie will keep updated! They will blog in comments!

@Annie Hey Annie could you blog for me? Maybe some interviews or something like that! Thanx! 😛

@Gab  Thanks for helping me out and if you could maybe well just do what you normally do on your blog Thankoo! lolz

Luv ya:P,