10 minutes warning

10 Minute warning!


LOL I am freaking out! be here by 4:40 or I will postpone the play!




It’s Annie.

We couldn’t have done this play without Summer, I want to thank her for all her hard work! She put in a lot of super hard work and dedication into this! And again I just wanna thank her for all she is doing for the play,  and I have this gift to show my appreciation, three cheers for Summer!

Sorry I can’t get the picture up sorry!

To: Summer

From: Your true friend, Annie

Play Preparation!

We need to prepare for the play!!!

All Actors MUST have a costume! Some two costumes!

Dress like what your character would wear, Cinderella blue dress, maid outfit. Prince charming Black suit (or something like that). Step mother, Something fancy, Dress. Father,  Suit (Or something like that). And so on and so forth 🙂

Please be there on time!!!! We have a new prince charming do to some “misunderstanding” 🙂

We will meet in paw park in Africa! In the Treehouse to rehearse then we will go backstage and get ready!

Be there at 4:30 central time! Except Annie (If you can be there at 4:00 if not thats ok)


Signing out,



I know short notice but the other lines just were not cutting it for me and Annie we thought it got a little boring! So here it is.

SM: (pauses, looks around) CINDERELLA!!

C: (from offstage) Yes, Stepmother?

SM: Get up and come fix breakfast! And bring me my makeup while you’re at it!

C: Yes, Stepmother. (Stepmother stands around. Sisters enter and also stand next to her.)

SM: Morning.

SS#1: Morning, Mom (Cinderella enters, carrying a tray with breakfast for one on it.)

SM: Bring some breakfast for your sisters! (Cinderella puts the tray down in front of Stepmother and hurries off, looking harried and without answering.) And I thought I told you to bring me my makeup. That girl.

SS#2: Morning, Mom. Is Cinderella getting breakfast yet? (stands next to her sister next to her sister.)

SS#1: She ought to be.

C: Here’s your makeup, Stepmother. (Turns to sisters.) And your breakfasts will be ready in just a minute. (Exits.)

SS#1: Have you heard about the big party the Prince is throwing to find Prince Charming a wife? Everyone who is anyone will be there! And you are going! !! !

C: May I go too?

SS#1: You? LOL!

SM: Of coarse not! you have nothing to wear!

C: *Cries*

Scene 2

(SM & SS’s are in their best dresses . Cinderella in the same rags as before.)

SM: (happily) Bye, Cinderella, and don’t forget to sweep the hearth! (SS’s laugh. All but C. exit. C starts to sweep the floor, suddenly drops the broom and buries her face in her hands.)

C: I wish I could go to the party! (Fairy god mother walks in)

C: Who are you?!

FG: I’m your fairy godmother, who do i look like pawlette? Now, what was that I heard you say?

C: Just that I wanted to go to the party.

FG: Is that all? (sparkler move)

(Cinderella appears wearing a beautiful dress but still barefoot.)

FG: Goodbye, have a good time.

C: But I can’t go to the ball barefoot!

FG: Oh, yeah.  (transparent glass slippers appear on floor in front of Cinderella, who steps into them.) And I suppose you’ll need a way to get to the party too, huh? What’s alive around here that I can transform into a horse?

FG: Be back by midnight or all this will be gone!

C: OK, I’ll remember. Thank you so much!

Scene 3

(SS#1 is dancing with the Prince who looks bored. SM & SS#2 are watching them, along with every other guest at the ball. Cinderella enters and pauses at ‘the door. The Prince notices her and tries to get away from his current partner.)

P: Excuse me, please. (SS Won’t let go of him) I said, excuse me! (Struggles.) Let go of me! (Escapes and walks over to C., straightening his clothes and regaining his dignity.) May I have this dance?

C. (shyly) Why, yes.

C: Oh! Excuse me, I have to go. (Breaks away.)

P: Wait! It’s not late yet. Don’t go! I don’t even know your name!

C: (tripping, losing a slipper.)

Scene 4

(Cinderella is at home, cleaning the hearth in her rags but humming cheerfully. SS#2 walks in.)

C: So how was the party?

SS#2: Don’t even talk to me about that man! He invited all of us there and spent the evening dancing with some girl nobody’d ever heard of and then they both went away and never came back!  Momma and sister don’t feel like getting out of.bed. They’ll want breakfast up there. I’ll eat down here.

C: Certainly. (Moves off, still humming happily.)

SS#2:You know what? The Prince saw someone at the ball last night, but never got her name. So he’s coming around to every house in the kingdom with a girl in it to find her! And I bet he will find her, right here!

C:(smiling) Maybe he will.

Scene 5

SS#1: Ooh! He’s here!

P: Ladies, I must ask each of you to try on this shoe.

P: Yeah, sure. (Trys to put it on SS #1)

SS #1: Too Big!

SS#2:  Too small!

SM: Well, that’s everybody!

Princes helper: What about this lady?

SM: Her? Cinderella? She’s no-lady!

Prince: Nevertheless, she will have her chance. (He guides Cinderella into the chair, smiling at her. He tries the shoe on.) It fits!

SS#1: I think I’m gonna be not well! (Runs offstage.)

Cinderella and Prince run off together!

The end!

Ok thanks guys!

Lots of love,


Play!!! :D:D:D

Yay! I am exited to say that the play will be on Sunday the 31st!!!!!!!!!!

Dress rehearsal will be in fluffy (USA) at 4 central time in the pawforming arts center (Backstage).

Please try to show up on time!

The actual play will be at 5 central time! We will practice for one hour then the play!

Yay PLEASE COME and comment if you will be the Father or if you can’t make it! We also need understudies (The people who will play parts if they people can’t make it) 😀


Summer :D:D:D

Cinderella/ Script

Last Call for parts!

And also if you have two accounts it would be great to have everyone (Or as many as possible) playing two parts.

Please comment for a part if you want one!


Cinderella: Gabriella4leafclover895

Ugly Step Sisters: Summersparkle255 and AnnieChocolate13

Step mother: Gabriella4leafclover895

Prince Charming: OPEN

The Princes Helper: Lindsaygirl14

Fairy god Mother: Linseyyourock10

Father (Small Part): OPEN


Cinderella: *Dances*

Father: (To step mother) That is my little girl she is for, her and your daughters will get along great!

Step Mother: Yes they should, They better.

Father: (To Cinderella) Hey this is your soon to be step mum!

Many Years later:

Step sister #1 (ME): Cinderella!!!!

Step sister 2 (ANNIE): We need you now!

Cinderella: Yes?

Step sisters (Both): CLEAN!!!

Step Mother: Girls, We have been invited to the prince party!

Step sisters: Yay!

Cinderella: May I go?

Step mother: Of course not, You have not a thing to wear!

Cinderella: Yes Miss. *Runs out crying*

Sisters: LOL!

Mice voice: We will make you a dress! *makes dress*

Cinderella: *Puts on dress* Nice! *Walks out*

Step Sister 1: Are you trying to go to the party?

Step sister 2: Lol I think she is!

Step sisters: *Breaks dress*

Cinderella: *Cries*

Step mother: Bye! *Leaves*

Fairy god Mother: Need a dress? I am your fairy good mum. *Does magic*

Cinderella: *Has a dress* Thanks!

Fairy god Mother: Be back by midnight or everything will be gone!

Cinderella: Ok

Prince: Would you like to dance?

Cinderella: Sure *Dances*

Prince: *Dances*

Sisters: *gasps* Who is that?

Cinderella: Midnight?!?!?! I have to go!   *Runs*

Prince: Wait! You dropped your shoe!


Princes helper: Try on this shoe, The prince wants to return it and also find his princess!

Sister 1: Too Big!

Sister 2: Too Small!

Cinderella: It fits!

Prince: My princess! *Hearts*

Cinderella: My prince! *Hearts*

The End

Please comment for a part (Or a second part) And also study your lines! 😀

Thanks a ton,